Special / Wedding Garments

Special / Wedding Garments

Manhattan Dry Cleaners

Some Garments Are More Than Just Something To Wear: They’re An Investment, A Statement, A Commitment.


At Manhattan Dry Cleaners we apply principles and skills learned from over four decades of dry cleaning experience. Your special garments will be painstakingly cared for and delicately handled by experts. We’re leather and suede experts too, taking extra care with your valuable coats and accessories. Receive your treasured pieces back quickly, in pristine condition (as much as we can within our power)…

Beautiful clothes don’t come cheaply. And to keep them looking as good as the day you fell in love with them, they need to be cared for properly. A beautiful piece is an investment, one you want a good return on, whether it be value for money or the wow factor.

Your wedding dress is one of the most important (and expensive) garments you will ever wear. And you wear it on one of the happiest and most important days of your life. It’s a long day, and often the dress can look a little stained and tired when it’s over. Three excellent reasons to make sure it’s properly cleaned and preserved for the future.