We specialize in cleaning heavily beaded garments, such as wedding gowns and evening dresses.

Get your garments Dry Cleaned in 90 Minutes where possible. *Conditions Apply.

Do you have any delicate fabric to clean? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

We pride ourselves on our 90 minute turnaround.

Whether you want to drop your shirts weekly, your suits occasionally, spruce up your formal wear, or ensure your wedding dress looks beautiful forever, you will receive unbeatable customer service and impeccable results from Manhattan Dry Cleaners. Centrally located, speedy, and with 48 years of experience behind our superior cleaning methods, we provide a dry cleaning service you can depend on. Discover seven compelling reasons why Manhattan Dry Cleaners are the best choice for your dry cleaning, from your favourite designer piece to your curtains.

Why not take advantage of our special discount offers, or read some of our Frequently Asked Questions. Got a garment you’re worried about? Drop by and show us and we’ll provide an obligation-free quote. Or contact our experts by phone or email.

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General Garments

We dry clean your general garments such as t-shirts, jeans, cargo’s, formal shirts, tops, bed sheets and many ...


Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

Manhattan’s Take Down/Re-Hang Curtain Dry Cleaning Service Makes Your Life So Easy.   Is ...


Special / Wedding Garments

Some Garments Are More Than Just Something To Wear: They’re An Investment, A Statement, A Commitment. ...


Leather / Suede Specialist

Are you worried about your delicate fabrics such as Suede, Leather, and other Fur pieces? We have you covered. ...

Our Special Offers

We have Some Special Offers for You.

Curtain Cleaning

Do you want a curtain dry cleaning service? Rely on Manhattan Dry Cleaners! Book our professional curtain cleaning today to get your favorite designer curtains clean to enhance their beauty and longevity.

Online Book / Inquiry

Do you have any questions regarding our dry cleaning service? Contact us today online! You can also book online our dry cleaning services for curtains, wedding garments, and more.

Wedding Garment

Book today our professional wedding garment dry cleaning service! We clean and preserve your adorable wedding garment that looks and stays beautiful! Give your wedding garments the attention they deserve!


How 'Manhattan Dry Cleaner' Works

We only provide this service for Curtains and Wedding Gowns, not traditional cleaning items.


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Q: How much will it cost to clean my items?

A: Cost depends on the fabric, size, and quality of the garment. Simple business shirts and suits can be very economical. More delicate fabrics can take time and require special treatment to be cleaned correctly. The best way to find out is to come into the store to assess. We will inspect your items and curtains and give you an obligation-free quote.

Q: Is the dry cleaning done on premises?

A: Yes, Manhattan is an on-site workshop, meaning your garments will be ready faster, and there’s no risk of loss from transport to and from the premises.

Q: Can you care for expensive materials like silk or sequins?

A: Yes, we are specialists in unique, valuable and ‘tricky’ materials.

Q: How much experience do you have?

A: Over 45 years dry cleaning experience running our successful family business, producing damage-free, superior results using the latest techniques.

Q: Can you always get the stain out?

A: In every case, we do the best we can with the correct techniques. Unfortunately there’s no guarantee that every stain will come out.

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    An Extensive Range of Outstanding Dry Cleaning Services : In one convinent Location.

    Don’t Compromise On Quality And Service: We act quickly and deliver fast but without compromising our quality of service. A team of experts constantly run quality checks on your order and ensure it passes through every phase of quality inspection. Rest assured of a quality service always.


    • We operate from one self-contained location.
    • Never worry about dusty, dirty, unsightly curtains again.
    • Appreciate a speedy service, guaranteed.
    • You will always be satisfied with the quality of our work.

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    What People and Clients Think About Us?

    Penny of Hahndorf


    I’ve been a customer of Manhattan Dry Cleaners in the Arcade for over twenty years. I’ve always found them efficient and helpful, and I can rely on their advice when it comes to treating unusual fabrics. Manhattan takes their cleaning seriously! Thanks and good luck.

    Peter A. Searcy


    Why have I used Manhattan Dry Cleaners for dry cleaning and repairs for over 30 years? Because the quality of the work and the service are excellent



    I am a new customer to Manhattan Dry Cleaners, I nervously took my 10 year old Pig skin jacket to be cleaned and repaired and was really happy I did!! I was greatly surprised and pleased to have it come back as near new again! I recommend anyone to use Manhattan Dry Cleaners for their terrific quality of work and customer service.