Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

Manhattan’s Take Down/Re-Hang Curtain Dry Cleaning Service Makes Your Life So Easy.


Is this you?

Need to sell? Your curtains make a huge impact on the look of your windows, make sure they look as good as possible and get the best price for your home.

Allergies? Kids coughing and sneezing? Cleaned the carpets and the lounge and it’s not getting better? Don’t forget the curtains!

Stains? You wouldn’t think it’s possible, but it does happen.
Tired of being reminded of the time your kids had a food fight? Call us now.

Moving out? Make sure you get your bond back. If you’ve been tough on your curtains, Manhattan makes it easy to be a great tenant.

Worried it’s just too big a job? It’s not! Read on to find out why…

Manhattan Dry Cleaning’s deluxe collection and rehanging service mean our experts come and take down your curtains, remove them for a quality clean and return and rehang them, all within an amazingly short period time.

You’ll hardly notice they’re gone before they’re back, immaculately cleaned and rehung by experts and you never had to lift a finger.

Plus, spend more than $100 on your curtain cleaning and the take down/rehanging service is absolutely free.

Enquire online from December to August and receive discount. Email us now.
Or bring them to us for an obligation free quote.